Information for new users

  • What do I need to access internet in a dorm?

A computer, with Fast Ethernet 100/10 or Gigabit Ethernet 1000/100/10 Interface Controller, RJ45-based. You should find one in every computer, with the exception of some netbooks/ultrabooks and other smaller devices. You will also need few meters of ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors. You will find 1 RJ45 wall socket per each tenant in every dorm.

  • How to register?

Computers connected to dormitory network must obtain IP addresses automatically from DHCP. It's enabled by default in most operating systems, change will be required only when you have manually set addresses in another network before. Computer newly connected to the network obtains temporary IP address. An attempt to visit any page will redirect you to the registration page of User Panel. There you will have to fill the form and familiarize yourself with provided information. Afterwards you will have to wait a few minutes to gain full access to the network.

  • What is prohibited?

In the dormitory network you are not allowed to run p2p (Bittorrent) applications. You are not allowed to connect a router without administrator's consent - use switch when it is neccessary to share connection with more computers. Any malicious activity, including impersonating other users, flooding, spamming - will result in ban.

  • Is Wi-Fi available?

Wireless access is available in all of the dorms. Dorms: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 19 are covered on every floor, others only in important places like learning room.

  • What are other conveniences of living in one of the dorms?

The User Panel functionality includes: room reservations, quick reservation of many objects (laundry, billiard, gym etc), browser announcements, managing news and more. You will not have to register again after moving to another dorm.

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